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Taylor Made Solutions

Since the very beginning, IDASA was born with the aim to bring advanced technological
solutions to our customers processes. This focus has not changed in the las 30 years, and it
has become our main service and asset.
During this years we have been evolving our process to create innovative ideas to solve our
customers challenges.

Our tools:

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We the best team with a large experience on PLC and robot programing.  We simulate all robot movements to ensure capabilities. We also create taylor software to integrate 

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We design and simulate the real stress our machines will suffer and ensure that our structures, grippers and electronic elements will handle the real working conditions

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We have a wide net of partners experts in all type of technologies that jump into the projects with us to ensure a perfect match between

Our process: 

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Together with our customer we analyze the problem and brainstorm for innovative and effective ideas

New machine concept

New machine concept

We model the new cell with our best ideas check that we solve all the problems.

Proof of concept

Proof of concept
Our innovation center equipped with robots, visions system and our 3D printing capabilities allows us to validate the idea in real life clearing up the risk from the very beginning

Cost optimization

Cost optimization
We look for the best alternatives to create a cost-efficient solution that could also be scaled

Make it happen

Make it happen

We design, fabricate, program and start-up our solutions to meet the most demanding production requirements.

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This allows us to rapidly create new machines in a record time! 


IBC automatic production Line 

Our customer needed to increase its capacity to produce and deliver IBC to their customers. Together we develop a process that creates the pallet cages from scratch. Starting with metal bars and pallets to a fully finished IBC cage with the IBC tested and put in place.

IBC automatic production line