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Our aim for implementing state of the art technologies and make them accessible to our customers does not end with robotic arms. Our solutions include a wide variety of AGV’s (Automatized Guided Vehicles) and AMR’s (Autonomous Mobile Robot) ready to be adapted and implemented to your process. IDASA also offers all surrounding elements required, from pallet stackers, roller beds or machine integrations.


Three customizable variants to better adapt to your workflow requirements:

Tandem AMR for heavyweights
Up to 4.000kg

AMR with lift

AMR with forklifts

Partnership between Steering Machines, Beta Robots and IDASA.

AMR’s benefits for your organization

  • Taylor made solution adaptable to your needs and with own corporate colors and logo
  • Lower investment due lack of facility guiding racks if compared to AGV
  • Navigation System for better flexibility and changing routes 
  • Software is simple to adjust for new missions’ implementation
  • Reduces labor costs and intensity on duties
  • Conventional wheels for high loan capacity and easy maintenance
  • Omnidirectional platform for a 360º mobility
  • Possibility to add visual remote assistance with Remote Eye by WIDEUM

AMR’s (Robot Móvil Autónomo)

AMR transporting a plastic reel
AMR transporting a plastic reel
AMR connecting a fixed table
AMR connecting to a fixed table for logistics preparation



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