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AER Automation Summit: key players coming along together

After another year full of challenges, AER3rdSUMMIT took place to join the key players of the automation industry. A very special event where robotics and automation company leaders can have the chance to meet others, talk, share ideas and conclusions on how industry is performing.
Since long time ago, IDASA participates as part of the board of AER Automation; being the treasurer and associated to the Spanish Association of Robotics and Automation, allows us to take place in key industry meetings and have voice in the decision-making.

Industry associations provide plenty of opportunities to meet and engage with peers and colleagues, people who has similar challenges. Associations can promote standardization and best practices, trends, professional development and recognition; a route that industry can follow where all members can add a bit to increase synergies, opportunities and benefits for all.
During the last annual meeting held on December 2021, the report #INSIGHT21 was presented and set the starting point for new challenges within the industry; a new roadmap for robotics and automation businesses that work together for the innovation, efficiency and sustainability.