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 Endurance test of a seat. Endurance test of a seat.

Seat test

Resistance and wear of seat

IDASA has a system designed to control the pressure in the wear and resistance test seat equipment.
The system comprises a tool that is like a seat united to the robot’s wrist by a stainless steel support.
This system is equipped with some sensors that send data to a computer, using software developed and designed in . NET technology, analyzes the pressure data taken by the robot, evaluating if the pressure is appropriate for each area of the seat. Once the calculations have been done, the program sends the necessary data to the robot to exert the desired pressure for each zone of the seat, achieving during this process quality very reliable results about strength and durability of a seat in everyday use.


This system can work with robots of different sizes and capabilities, always in terms of force necessary to exercise.
On the other hand the software, being specifically designed for this purpose, is completely customizable to the needs of each control on quality and easily customizable for more than a quality control.