Ida Weld

IDASA performs the design, supply, installation and commissioning of welding equipment for metal industry. The equipment is based on the realization of robotic cells that allow the reuse of the robot with a simple change of tools and reprogramming it.

The constant evolution of welding systems allows the welding of two components of different thicknesses and material results, both mechanical and economic, of great importance.

IDASA currently developing a cell consists of a central robot and three or four fixed stations which allows welding of components with high reliability, safety and welding speed in the market.

The cell may change the process and enables both continuous welding wire as resistance by self-controlled and clamp points.

The cell can be loaded either manually by the operator as cargo automatically by robot from a previous operation.


A control system of production and quality control allow all welding elements meet specifications and guarantees the highest quality. The system allows traceability of the process and the connection via Ethernet with the production process implemented in any factory using control system via computer.

A self-monitoring system linked to the maintenance software enables the cell auto diagnose and prepare both work orders and the related production downtime to perform maintenance process of the cell.