Claw manipulating a vehicle window. Claw manipulating a vehicle window.


Manipulation claws

Idasa develops special claws for the precision manipulation of any kind of mechanical part. The equipment is constructed with computerized support systems and, in each case, includes the study of the parameters both of weight relative to the claw, the construction material and the volume to be occupied. In the robotics industry it is a basic, fundamental rule that the manipulation claws meet these characteristics:

  • Minimum weight
  • Minimum volume
  • Maximum reliability
  • State control

Idasa will create each claw evaluating these parameters and using the most modern and reliable materials on the market – materials with great mechanical resistance and very little weight.

The claw in the photograph is capable of cleaning the edge of a car window, checking its degree of resistance, measuring the perimeter of the window, positioning it on the X-Y coordinates, applying adhesive around the perimeter and fitting it on the back of the car using the robot.