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Plastic material

Ultrasounds welding

Idasa develops robot cells and automatic equipment for welding plastic components using ultrasound or friction technology. The system is based on welding two plastic components together using the process described above. The cell is made up of a self-transportable steel frame carrying the different piece of equipment:

  • Robot manipulator
  • Control equipment and sonotrode
  • Rotating tool holder table
  • Safety systems

The robot carries sonotrode equipment which, through programmed welding points, joins the two materials. Before welding, the machine operator is responsible for putting the parts to be welded in the corresponding locations. Checks are carried out that all the parts are in the correct position compared to the plans using a computerised viewing system. If not, the equipment informs the system of the anomaly, so the operator can rectify the situation. The welding process is fully programmable, that is, the retention time, pressure and position of the sonotrode on the equipment to be welded can be programmed, all the welding parameters can be obtained for each weldable part and point and the data corresponding to the part are obtained for the traceability of the product in later processes. All the equipment is controlled by a programmable PLC, which is in constant dialogue with the robot and ultrasound equipment by Profibus, enabling each programmed movement and parameter to be checked on-line. Any alteration to the system is automatically detected and the main control post is informed so it can decide whether a decision should be taken to abort the process, continue or rectify it.

Laser welding

Idasa now has the latest technology in laser welding, capable of welding all kinds of plastics quickly and precisely. Laser welding does not require mechanical contact between the tool and the parts to be welded, thereby eliminating surface marks or vibrations that can damage the materials. The welding is carried out precisely, without applying any kind of tension to the welded surfaces.

The system allows parts with complex shapes to be welded, with the possibility of programming 3-dimensional welding paths. We must not forget that this type of welding allows the welding of transparent or semi-transparent plastics. Some important makes in the car world are already using this technology. One of the makes is Porsche, which welds its rear lights with this technology.

Ultrasounds Welding

Ultrasounds plastic material welding cell.