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 Example of conveyor belt guidance system on the ground. Example of conveyor belt guidance system on the ground.

Driying lines

Many manufacturing processes require a drying period for the completion of the piece. In the case of gluing pieces drying at high temperatures is essential for proper finishing of the piece.

These lines of drying can be installed in different areas and in many ways, can be fully integrated into the production process as part of the installation and without human intervention.

In the case of requiring high temperatures, there is a furnace, which is maintained at about 40 degrees and makes a warm pre-glued pieces.

Chain conveyor

The transport chain is the basic element in a drying line. It is responsible for moving the pieces from one point to another, either gluing a booth to another, or to the point of completion of cycle storage.
Is equipped with hooks that are capable of rotating in order to get proper treatment and movement of the piece in the case of going through some intermediate step (for example a gluing system), since the part usually requires different positions for such actions.

Guide System

Depending on the drying line will require a guide or another. In the case of treatment during the movement of the piece by the drying line, it guides are fixed on the floor, having the sole function of guiding the tooling parts throughout the facility and make sure not to hit in any site and well positioned to enter the treatment area.