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 Example gluing robot. Example gluing robot.

Robotic spray

Water-based glue

Robotic gluing system

This system allows sizing mainly versatility when applying glue to a complex piece.

Bonding systems are often based on conveyor belts that move the piece by a system of axes. This system presents problems when the piece has hidden parts, holes, etc., (Eg the front panel of a vehicle). Idasa proposes a robotic system that lets you apply glue to glue des many more angles and with different application times on the same piece.

Glue Team

It is an independent system of gluing the cockpit, the tail was delivered to be necessary for the proposed action in the cockpit, with enough power and precision on the material to be bonded. The tail is formed team, basically, by glue pump, supplies the tail, and the gun is responsible for the correct application of the glue in the piece.


The team has built an RFID receiver that identifies each piece of equipment that enters the work area. This facilitates a production line there are several different pieces without loss of time and resources.