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 Ultrasonic cutting tool. Ultrasonic cutting tool.

Ultrasounds cutting

Problems in the food court

In the Food Products industry, the cutting process is often critical to the quality of the product. Products Specially cut pasty, creamy, with many layers or is hot in the industry food processing Products, a known problem.

The water jet cutting is highly effective in hard Products (frozen), but with Products, for example, linked to the bakery, has the disadvantage that product spread the cut surface. That lowers the final just as important in the food sector, as would be required to take more steps in the chain to obtain the final product (cleaning the work area of the machine, finished product, etc.)..


Only ultrasound is making cuts get almost no leisure product. It achieves a fair and accurate even in the most difficult to cut Products.

The cutting tool varies by ultrasonic waves, enabling the court almost without pressure. Because the blade is completely detached from the product due to the constant oscillations, can be cut with an excellent outcome Products eating very soft, friable or structured in layers (eg. Puff pastry with cream filling). Products also creamy, pasty, still hot, or even Products pastry with walnuts. The blade barely gets dirty as the vibration makes it to loosen the dirt itself.