Following market needs, IDASA has developed a new automated carousel that allows a fast, versatile and economical to perform any type of foam. The carousel is configurable in the number of robots like the mold carrier (foam and waxing) as well as the operating mode (continuous and / or “stop & go”).


  • Versatile
  • Fast mold carrier
  • Ability to use various foaming machines (Krauss – Maffei, Cannon, etc.).
  • Independent movement in each segment gearmotor
  • Easy to change the parameters of skimming
  • Enabling independent mold carrier
  • Modular machine easily adaptable to customer needs production
  • Compact system with all connections in the central collector.

Technical Features

  • Robots → 1 / 4 depending on the need
  • Number of mold carriers → 8 / 32 configurable according to needs.
  • Working diameter → 8 / 14 meters depending on need
  • Collector → Hot water, cold return air, power and signals.aire comprimido, potencia y señales.
  • Speed rotation→Variable (continuous and “stop & go”)
  • Tire mold holder → temperature control, closing pressure of 20 tons.
  • Tilt mold carrier → 45 º / 80 º
  • Mold holder plates Dimensions→1650 x 850 depending on configuration variables.