IDASA Facilities

Last generation facilities and machinery

Welding Robots: multiple welding cell

IDASA builds and sells metal welding robotic equipment (laser and resistance) and nonmetals (laser and ultrasound).

Compact cells

Idasa designs and manufactures compact and easy-transport cells ready to be introduced into production.

IDASA IdaCut ® Waterjet

IDASA is leading Waterjet cutting systems in Spain, Europe and South America with more than 300 machines working. Its various models incorporate the latest techniques and electromechanical engineering and powerful software tools for Production and Quality Control of the robotic cell. The range of waterjet cutting cells IdaCut ® is designed to provide a competitive and technologically advanced reliably solution to various industries.

Discharge cell injection, casting and cutting flamed.

Compact machine for automatic download of injectors and subsequent processes as casting cut and flaming.

Laser cutting cells.

Laser machines for plastic materials cutting with integrated laser into the mechanics of the robot.

Forming carousels

Carrussel with 16 to 32 positions for car seats forming with robotic application of wax and polyurethane.

Palletization of reels

Palletizing facility discharge system coils with coil winder, and subsequent palletizing for transport packaging.